• Pistachio Cranberry Nut Bars

    August 26, 2019Janine

    These bars are a staple in our house, and many have enjoyed them when visiting. What’s so great about these is that you can make them chewy or crunchy, and you can also change the flavours by substituting ingredients to your taste. Here is one we made recently which has a beautiful blend of tart…

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  • Tahini Sauce

    April 13, 2019Janine

    Growing up in a Middle Eastern house meant we had Tahini Sauce always at the ready. Typically it would accompany Falafels or Whole Baked Snapper with Rice Pilaf. But just as delicious you’ll find it served with barbecued or slow roast lamb. Probably my favourite dish to use the Tahini Sauce with is a dish called Baked…

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  • Tuscan Meatloaf

    March 18, 2019Janine

    In the heart of Italy, Tuscans accompany meats with lashings of fresh herbs and vibrant vegetables. I’ve taken those ingredients and made a lamb meatloaf packed with delicious flavours. Traditionally lamb is not on the table of Italian dining, however we always favour lamb over beef or pork in our household, so chose to use…

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