Unboxing the Breville Electric Wok

May 29, 2020Janine

I love my birthdays because I get to purchase all those awesome kitchen gadgets that I’ve been eyeing off over the year. I spoilt myself this year with two pieces, one of which is this Breville Electric Wok BEW820BSS model. It’s a 2-in-1 hot work and steamer, non stick  with a massive bowl capacity.

Why do I like to use an electrik wok? Well, a few reasons.

  • I love the size of the bowl for cooking. It’s hard to beat that capacity and rarely can you find something comparable in a regular frypan.
  • It’s kind of a two in one fry pan and sauce pan. You can fry up your food and you can convert it to a sauce pann because the sides are so high. That means you can use it for slow cooking without having to move things around too much.
  • I prefer the non stick coating to a regular wok which involves seasoning after each wash. I don’t know about you but my time is valuable. Who wants to worry about having to season a pan each time you use it. Not me thanks! The electric wok with its non stick coating means I can just clean it and put it away. Regular woks don’t do that. Of course you could buy a non stick stove top wok, but these days domestic stove tops rarely have the size and burner width to do the pans justice.
  • I like to have an extra cooker. With a big family or lots of people using the stove in a share house, it’s great to know we have an extra option for cooking!

Why Breville?

So if I’m going to have an electric wok, it better be big and it better be hot. That’s why we chose this model from Breville. Not to mention that Breville is a well known brand with great reviews and service centres around Australia.

You can check out the unit in this video where I unbox it and show you what you get for your purchase…


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